French leader in the innovation of durable surface coatings, ADAMANTEM masters PVD technologies through its unique approach meeting the requirements of complex colors and high technical characteristics.

Based in Gueux, near Reims, ADAMANTEM has a virtuous model reconciling production excellence with the rigor of research into the development of new PVD finishes.

Our commitments
Our commitments
Creativity & Innovation

Resolutely focused on its customers, ADAMANTEM offers a unique approach to meet the most demanding technical and aesthetic specifications.

The capitalization of our know-how, the proven color databases, supplemented by a rich experience of production constraints in prototype and mass production, allow a global research and development approach for markets as diverse as they are varied.

Delivering excellence

The excellence that drives us every day is seen in our DNA.

We cultivate the highest level of quality in our products and services. Our standards allow us to intervene and act on all value levers: sustainability of recipes, repeatability of process cycles, homogeneity of manufacturing and simplicity of implementation.

Our manufacturing is complemented by strict quality controls.

Commitment to a positive impact

In ADAMANTEM, our actions demonstrate our commitments to ethics, social responsibility and respect for the environment, constituting the foundations of sustainable and long-term performance.

We believe in the future of PVD which provides both an environmental solution, contributes to the evolution of market behavior and has an important economic advantage.

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The PVD process

PVD – Physical Vapor Deposition – is a surface coating technology allowing the deposition of thin metal films.

Deposition is carried out under vacuum, by working the materials in their plasma phase, which makes it possible to manage the composition and structure of the coating.

It consists of vaporizing a solid source material, accelerating it and then depositing it on a substrate. The kinetic energy given to the material allows the coating to stick to the part.


PVD technology makes it possible to produce a very wide choice of colors on multiple materials such as titanium, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, zamac and ABS.

It also confers superior technical properties to other organic, chemical or electrochemical surface coatings.

The ADAMANTEM coatings obtained are durable, hypoallergenic, with reduced environmental impact and 100% compatible with food use.

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  • Specificities
Color Range – Resistance

Faucets are used every day and subjected to aggressive environments, friction, shock and detergents.

ADAMANTEM has PVD ranges dedicated to these applications and which will meet the aesthetic, technical, material and repeatability expectations required.

Sustainability - Respect of the environment

The luxury and fashion sectors place very high demands on technical, aesthetic, durability and longevity aspects. Our recognized know-how is based on our proven innovation processes and allows us to provide solutions in both classic and custom finishes.

Resistance – Food contact compliance

Tableware requires durable, careful coatings that are resistant to shock, temperature and chemical agents (dishwasher).

ADAMANTEM has dedicated solutions for this market, compatible with food contact and carefully designed to limit snag marks on products whose entire surface is visible.

Hardness – Anallergic compliance

ADAMANTEM supports various players in automobiles, yachts and public transport for which resistance to abrasion, shock and corrosion is essential.

The coatings made for these applications are hypoallergenic compliant.

  • Faucets
  • Fashion
  • Cutlery
  • Transportation
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